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Fire Detection & Systems Suppression

Transfire have a team of registered fire control system designers that will assist you in having a specification drawn up to address the requirements for your fire detection and alarm system needs.

Whether you need a small fire alarm or large and complex automatic detection system that can automate your evacuations, we can provide you with a solution!

A fire alarm system consists of various devices linked together to detect and send a warning through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present.

Intelligent detection system, which can consist of Smoke, Beam, Linear, Flame, ember and more type of detection methods, enables the customer to detect a fire or possible fire hazard at the earliest point of ignition and pin point the exact location of such hazard. This allows for quick response to minimise damage.

Aspirating detection system consist of a network of pipes that screens and probes the air of a room to detect at extremely quick speeds any molecules that registers positive for a potential fire hazard. It can detect the strike of a match over 300m away within seconds. These system, also known as Very Early Detection system are perfect for server rooms with electronic equipment and sensitive data.

Gaseous Suppression Systems

Whether you are looking to protect a specific piece of equipment or have a room flooding system for your server. We can offer you the most suitable solution!

Carbon dioxide or CO2 is a colourless, odourless, electrically non-conductive gas that is highly efficient as a fire suppression agent. Since carbon dioxide is a gas, there is no clean-up associated with a CO2 fire suppression system discharge.

Compact pneumatic systems that can quickly and effectively extinguish mechanical and motor fires. Available in multiple suppression agents. From light commercial vehicle to large industrial & mining vehicular suppression systems.

Firefighting foam is simply a constant mass of small air-filled bubbles, which have a lower compactness than oil, gas or water. Foam is made up of water, foam concentrate and air which should be mixed in the correct proportions to create a blanketing effect where applied. These systems are best suited for applications such as fuel storage tanks.

For industrial and commercial kitchens, our offering includes sophisticated automatic suppression systems that are designed to extinguish frying oil and LPG gas based fires quickly and effectively.

For prompt fire suppressing method, reducing damage and costly clean-up, clean gas agent systems are the perfect firefighting companion. These systems are used for room flooding and are most suited for protecting areas such as your server rooms that contain sensitive equipment with vital data.

Automatic sprinkler suppression system for the most effective large scale extinguishing of fires in buildings with water. Water misting systems have become so advanced that it can even be used on electrical and fossil fuel based fires.